Soldering Pen for WRMP tips

A soldering controller for Weller RT tips with USB, Power sensor and Gyroscope.

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##This is Work in Progress
Update 2018 Trying to reduce the board size

There's a lot of projects for this soldering tips, but I decided to do my own.
This is a soldering pen controller for the well known Weller RT tips.

Main Components:
Atmega32u4 - this micro controller has usb controller can be used to upload new firmwares.
ACS711 - 3.3v hall effect current sensor to measure power and protect the circuit.
OPA336 - precision amplifier to amplify the thermal sensor of the tip.
AACDET501 - a little buzzer for audible feedback proposes.
MPU-6050 - Gyrosocope sensor for standby and fallout turn off protection.
LMR14203 - Buck converter to get the 3.3v
OLED 128x32 - visual feedback and software

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