Can it get any more miserable? Yes.

A project log for An Unfortunate SMD Project

If you like happy, easy to build projects, this is not for you. This project is only for people who like to be miserable and frustrated.

makersboxMakersBox 03/31/2018 at 12:131 Comment

I originally didn't think that hand soldering a 0201 component was possible.  Several dozen people have proved me wrong.  Can I make their life more miserable?  Enter the "01005" package:

Yes, that is a ball-point pen tip. And yes, it is hard to get good photographs of things this small.

The Misery Edition of the SMD Challenge now includes a Attiny84 QFN20 package and a 01005 size resistor.  Since I haven't found a matching LED for it yet, I added another 0201 LED, but being a heartless and cruel man, I selected a diffuse one so you can't determine orientation visually (assuming you even have magnification available).

I am not totally devoid of feeling, so I have designed it so that a backward LED will still light, but you will be denied the joy of witnessing the full terror of the Cylon sequence.  As a further enticement, I've included a power switch to save battery life.

Green 0402 LED Reversed

I assume you miserable people will want to celebrate your successful struggle, so there will be a 01005 Club, but don't think you can be the first, because some sorrowful sole found my evil designs on Github and made one on their own.  Truly depressing.

You can induce your misery straight from source here:, or just buy a kit of pain on Tindie here: (select "Misery Edition").  It would save the terror of trying to flash an Attiny and help me pay off the $80 programming socket I needed to preload the firmware.


oshpark wrote 04/12/2018 at 16:38 point

Love it!

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