A project log for Smart DCF77 Wirst Watch

A retro style Wirst Watch with a LED segment Display. Receiving time over DCF77 and personal reminders over a hacked/modified DCF77 signal.

mclienmclien 08/20/2014 at 15:150 Comments

If not mentioned otherwise these licenses will apply for my project:

arduino board: well, I gues that's pretty well documented by and know. Any custom/special board that will come from my project will therefor published under the same  license (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike)

code/source code: all code generated for this project will be released under the GNU/GPLv3. Code written by other  will be  marked in the comment/head section.

pictures: all pictures are licensed under the CCbySA

The  DCF77 receiver: the one I use so far is made by "Kundo xt" for "Reichelt  Elektroni" here in germany.  From the documents for it I couldn't firgure out which kind of license it gas. This is to be done.