Triple Output Bench Power Supply (Linear, 2x SMPS)

Dual adjustable output Lab Power Supply (Linear and Switch mode combined) with micro ATX PSU

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I always wanted to build my own multi-functional lab power supply. I recently got my hands on a very cheap (6$) DIY linear power supply kit from Banggood. After building and testing it I was satisfied with its performance and decided to build a simple, yet fully functional lab power supply.
-As most of you might know, linear PSUs are not very efficient and they require high power transistors and very good thermal cooling, thus becomes very bulky. The main advantage of a linear PSU is their clean output.
-Switch-mode PSUs, however, are very efficient and space saving, but their outputs have much higher ripple voltages and currents.
- We all know ATX power supplies, and ATM there are dozen PSU projects which utilize ATX power supply of some sort for high current, fixed voltage outputs.

At the end, I decided to combine all 3 main types of PSUs into one bench power supply and build myself a nice bench PSU inside a micro-ATX PC case (which I recently found in dumpster).

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He would be interested in your plans in detail

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