Strikethrough on HaD's <del>Redactor</del> editor

If you want to post project logs with strikethrough text and don't know where to start, try following this project..

Similar projects worth following uses the Redactor editor which isn't like the standard forum editors you may be used to. In those editors you can usually use *imagine missing greater-than and less-than symbols* to make text bold etc. Redaction breaks out those features into buttons but one I want is missing: strikethrough. It's useful for indicating an error was made or for signalling humour.

This project documents a (currently) working way around the missing button.

It's all in the instructions

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    Step 1

    Open up your editing window by adding a project log or instructions etc.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Write your post, either until you get to the point you want to add strikethrough text or the whole thing.

    We can do all the strikethrough at the end.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Now click the <> button at the top of your editing box. If your draft post disappears, don't worry (yet) - scroll up to see if it has been turned into plain text at the top.

    Disclaimer - I use imgur to link my images in, so I don't know what effect this has on other methods of inserting images

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