Wobble Wobble

Wobble Wobble is a connected balance board which is a vehicle of transport through a virtual world. Status: proof of concept completed.

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Hello! I am building a vehicle to travel around a virtual world on. This picture is of a proof of concept made with existing parts. The proof of concept was built using a wobble board (hemispherical exercise balance toy) and an Android phone. 

By leaning forward on the wobble board, you are propelled forward into the 3D world. Leaning back moves you backwards and likewise for left and right. When wearing Oculus Rift goggles it very much feels like riding a Segway.

I am using the accelerometer in the phone to talk to Unity 3D, a game engine. This works great, but of course this is all existing hardware and I just wrote a little bit of software to make all the things talk.


In the next version of this, I would like to remove the phone and use custom electronics to navigate around the virtual or augmented environment.  The cool thing about this is that you wouldn't have to wait for a Wii Fit or similar to be produced. The custom electronics could go into anything you want....for example on a log (yes, like from a tree), fake wings, arm weights for simulated resistance.

The virtual and augmented head trackers have SDKs which allow the developer to access the positional and rotaional data. In the case of the Oculus Rift, the documentation for the SDK is not very good, so it will take some effort to get at this data. I have not researched Google Cardboard SDK or CastAR yet, but would like to make Wobble Wobble so that it could work with those things too.

Once Wobble Wobble knows what direction to move in, it can use its local sensors to speed up or slow down depending on the user's motion. The concept is simple. Look for positional data from the headset, and speed data with a bit of positional from the Wobble Wobble. Then MOVE!

  • 1 × Accelerometer 3 axis, currently using ADXL345
  • 1 × Gyroscope
  • 1 × Atmel 328 and related power supply etc. a roll your own Arduino
  • 1 × Wireless communications to headset I am still prototyping, so don't know if i will be using Bluetooth, Wifi or Android

  • What kinds of hardware should Wobble Wobble use?

    Sophi Kravitz08/19/2014 at 22:00 0 comments

    I am using an accelerometer in my prototype, so I know I want to have that. A gyroscope is used for position, so maybe that is nice to have, but not necessary. A magnetometer....drool....I would just like to have one to play with.

  • How does Wobble Wobble talk?

    Sophi Kravitz08/19/2014 at 21:57 0 comments

    Please: no comments yet, I plan to edit this.

    I am not sure if I want my connected game controller to communicate with the game itself or with the Virtual or Augmented reality headset. I need to research the SDKs of Google cardboard, CastAR and Oculus Rift.

  • Looking at communication systems

    Sophi Kravitz08/19/2014 at 21:55 0 comments

    Well- I want to access the SDKs of various headsets and game engines. I know I can access the Unity game engine and it will communicate with my phone's accelerometer, gyroscope and camera via pipeline Unity Remote.

    But- now I want to make my own hardware so I need a way to communicate wirelessly. 

    Wifi, Bluetooth, Android adb.

  • Some software

    Sophi Kravitz08/18/2014 at 18:04 0 comments

    Here is a link to preliminary software that links the accelerometer to the travel speed. 

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    Step 1

    Buy wobble board

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    Step 2

    Look at Oculus, CastAR, Google Cardboard SDK to see if they all provide a means to process data

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    Step 3

    Oculus does! But it isn't very good. They only provide insight into something called "sensor"

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