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A project log for 6-Axis Micro Manipulator

Micron level manipulator, using printed and low cost components

david-brownDavid Brown 07/12/2017 at 21:550 Comments

As you can see i've transfered the components to one of the HP fusion printed actuator bodies as these have better definition on the hinges, so require less force to move. The 'strong and flexible' (Shapeways SLS nylon) had too much load on the motor (hinge material printed out thicker). The video below is of the actuator moving back and forwards twice over. This required some adjustment (use of needle files), as the printed nylon has some variation from the design geometry.

As you may be able to see the black 'peg' that couples the motor, resistor and actuator moves around a fair bit and there is obvious backlash from the motor nut to the peg. I need to investigate a new iteration for the peg geometry to take most of this out.

Getting the motor aligned was also a tricky and required adjustment of the brass insert to get the angles close. This is fine for small numbers, but larger numbers will require a accurate jig for placement.