We used lego mindstorms components, and Husarion Robocore board to create self-balancig robot, using Lego gyroscope and MPU accelerometer.

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This robot uses Hitechnic Gryroscope and MPU 9250 accelerometer to evaluate it's position and angular error from upright positio. We use lego motors to correct its position and keep it upward. It is tuned using PID controller, that we implemented in simple C code. All driven by Husarion Robocore board. It's height is about 55 cm, weight of about 700 grams. It is driven using DC 12V 3A power supply, to ensure full working power of motors and no under-powering of sensors.
2 features were added after successful PID tuning and coding:
1. we used distance sensor so our robot can detect obstackles and 'run away' from them
2. we used third lego motor to create a leg, so our robot can stand up himself (normally it waits to be put in the correct upward position)

It was made during Basic of mechatronics course on the AGH University of Science and Technology.
Adam Kolusz, Krzysztof Czeluśniak


our code

plain - 3.64 kB - 06/07/2017 at 03:52



some videos of robot in action ;)

MPEG-4 Video - 26.22 MB - 06/07/2017 at 03:51


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