First ESC Test

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Juan SandubeteJuan Sandubete 06/10/2017 at 17:040 Comments

Two weeks ago, we tried to turn on the motors, supplying them with a 10A 12V power source. The power it gave was not enough for both motors, so we had to try to test them one each time.

Problems determined:

-ESC calibration fails several times with the Raspberry Pi 3b software generated PWM. We were using 10A Turnigy Speed controllers back that. Calibration is done by giving it the higher voltage value until it beeps, and then, turning it into the lower voltage value used (look a the SimonK archive for the calibration of the 20A ESC). The beep code depends on the ESC used, so be sure you are using the one of your ESC.

We could finally got it with the first one. The results can be watched here:

With the second one, there were several calibration problems. It seems to be due to the bad PWM generated by Raspberry Pi 3B software.

The speed controller thought we were trying to make him works rather than calibrating, so...

- 10A Turnigy ESCs seems to not be able to control the power of these motors. In the second video this fact is obvious. So it is necessary to change to 20A ESCs for managing enough intensity.