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Amphibious multi-purpose wireless-control vehicle. IamPhoebe

Pelayo GutiérrezPelayo Gutiérrez 06/11/2017 at 18:300 Comments

In order to build Phoebe we went to our local Fablab because we want it to be replicable in any of the 1150 fablab around the world or any other profesional or maker hacklab.

So we decided to 3D print the main structure of Phoebe, the hull with some pieces to line up, the motor support and two protection rings for the fans. The full print was around 60h of printing in 3 deferents machines, an ultimaker original for the fan cover and the line up pieces, other machine made in the fablab for some clips for the cover of the hull, and the hull was fully printed in the reliable P-minifab designed and build there.

The assembly of the 3D printed parts was made with two different welding technique, friction welding with a dremel tool and adding fused material with a 3D pen. The decision to use this techniques was simple, is better to fuse differents layers with the same plastic than adding glue from other material.

At the end in order to ensure the protection from the fans and to cover the cavity of the hull we add a different fan cover that was laser cut from 5mm MDF.

The designs of all parts were made in FreeCad, the open source Cad program for parametric modeling with the idea to modify and scale the models to any size required to suit any personal necessity.

We still have to add the resin and fiberglass for claiming impermeability, so we could do the water tests.