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Juan SandubeteJuan Sandubete 06/11/2017 at 21:350 Comments

The AdHoc script which you can find in github Phoebe-Adhoc, is valid for both computer and Raspberry sides. It detects itself what part is running it. This is done looking at the core, so you have to check if the code of your Raspberry is BCM2708 or BCM2709. If yours is not one of these, you have to add it in the lines 40 of (Adhoc on) and lines 31 of (Adhoc off). It looks like..

grep 'BCM2708' /proc/cpuinfo && PI=true
grep 'BCM2709' /proc/cpuinfo && PI=true
Adhoc will be explained better in the instructions, but the basic idea, if don-t know it, is a Internet connection based in nodes, without any router, so you can connect two computers directly using the wi-fi modules they have.

Once we turned on Adhoc, we first easily checked it with the command iwconfig. Others connections are turned off with our script, so the unique connection we had to pay attention was that. Is so important to check that, with iwconfig, a cell is shown in the adhoc connection. It means that almost everything is ok.

After one or two corrections in the script, we could make a ping check. So, it works !

Note. Adhoc connection is important because is what we use for both TCP and UDP connection. TCP for control, UDP for monitoring.

If you know about others ways or you think something can be done better, let me know !