Root Changes - A New Concept

A project log for Phoebe

Amphibious multi-purpose wireless-control vehicle. IamPhoebe

Juan SandubeteJuan Sandubete 07/28/2017 at 18:050 Comments

We have been thinking on the problems that the project has. It works, more or less, but it isn't pretty nice, so we want to improve it, changing some things that we think are wrong or, at least, are not so good as they could be.

 We want to make  Phoebe more robotic than it is, so we are going to give her some sensors and the capability of analyses them. That will be used for the trajectory generation software.

 But, before we can do it, we have to turn up all the basic systems. These are the lists of things we will do with the project from now.

Things we have to do (fix):

- Re-building of the whole structure. Evaluating the possibility of doing it with thermoformed plastic, taking the old structure as mould model.

- Raspi-ESC electronic interface (3.3V logic to 5V logic). It seems it will be done by using a few transistors (bc535, b545, irfz44n) and not much more.

- Attachment of the components (Raspberry, batteries and other internal elements) to the structure with Velcro or some adhesive.

- Hermetic box for critical electronic components.

Things we want to do (improve):

- Accelerometer, water detector and other sensors have to be added for the control and automation of the system.

- Better control using the interfaced made. We are thinking on implementing a PID control in two pieces: linearising the exponential curve that models each propeller.

- Trajectory Generation. Thus, Phoebe could follow the way indicated from a computer.

- FPV improvement. It is desired to add two servos to the camera, so that it will be possible to turn it to the wanted direction.

Advices are appreciated !