110V COB LED tube light

Ridiculously bright tube trouble light.

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This is based on a fluorescent tube light that is not quite bright enough, but super handy. The end result was ridiculously bright and overheats after about 15 minutes. Somewhat safe to use (connector is fused, and COB modules have overheating protection built in).

3D here:
  • 3 × 20W 110V COB LED Can be purchased from aliexpress/ebay for about $2 (search for: 110V 20W COB). Model: AC110V-6040-F2525 (A0). 20, 30, and 50W are available.
  • 1 × Clear polycarbonate tube 2" OD 1/8" thick
  • 1 × Aluminum plate
  • 1 × UHMW rod 2.25" OD
  • 1 × R3402A power switch

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