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A project log for IoT POV Fidget Spinner

A WiFi fidget spinner, taken from concept to ordering parts in one weekend

MatthiasMatthias 06/11/2017 at 02:030 Comments

I finally got around to designing the part that will hold everything together. As you can see, there is one hole for the battery at the bottom and the outer bearing holes also have some free space for the charging contacts. They will be mounted on the bottom of the PCB and be used to get power through those bearings. This way, there is no disassembly required for charging. And given that I can only fit a 240mAh LiPo in there, it won't last very long if you use it at the highest brightness. The LEDs can draw up to 3*150mA@5V while the ESP will probably be in the 100-150mA range. So you will get less than 20 minutes at full blast. Under normal conditions, I estimate more like 1 hour of use with pictures or a few hours if you display messages inside. And even with an empty battery, you can still use it as a "dumb" spinner.

So here is the part that keeps everything together:

And here it is with the PCB "mounted": (I was too lazy to get everything into FreeCAD just for rendering)