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A WiFi fidget spinner, taken from concept to ordering parts in one weekend

MatthiasMatthias 06/15/2017 at 23:443 Comments

As some of you remember, I already ordered my PCBs. And I totally messed up. I didn't check which version I uploaded (although I always put the git hash in the name of gerber-zip. Shortly after my last log, Drew from OSH contacted me and upgraded everything - shipping, fast service, etc. I was very impressed by them and happy about getting the PCB really soon.

So later today, I got the message that my board had been sent to the fab. And as I read that mail, it hit me - I had sent them the first version of the board, not the newest one. So I asked them if they could still change it, on the off chance that they could. If they couldn't I would still have a working PCB, but not with all the bells and whistles that I had added later on. Of course my assumption was correct - once the design hits the fab, it will be produced that way.

However, after they had sent me a coupon for my first order, they sent me a new one. This time enough to cover fast shipping, and express service right from the start. This is not what I expected. I mean - I messed up, yet they are willing to make up for my mistake. They went above and beyond any expectation I had. It's seldom that you experience this kind of customer service from a company.

Because of this, I want to express my deepest thanks to OSH Park! You guys rock! Thank you!!!


Dylan Brophy wrote 06/18/2017 at 00:49 point

Wow!  That is incredibly generous.

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Matthias wrote 06/18/2017 at 01:13 point

Absolutely! That's why I simply had to post this

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oshpark wrote 06/17/2017 at 06:54 point

We're excited to see how your project goes!

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