HealthyPi 4 is getting ready to launch !

A project log for Connected Health: Open source IoT patient monitor

This project describes the use of Raspberry Pi as an IoT connected vital signs monitor. The HealthyPi HAT for Raspberry Pi used.

Ashwin K WhitchurchAshwin K Whitchurch 07/09/2019 at 05:250 Comments

Thank you to all our supporters and contributors for making HealthyPi 3 a success, both as a a Hackaday prize winner as well as a successful campaign on Crowd Supply. 

We are thrilled to announce the development of HealthyPi 4 - Unplugged, a dual-mode device that works in the same Pi HAT mode as well as in wireless "wearable" mode for standalone operation. 

Watch out for updates on this page. You can sign up on our Crowd Supply page if you wish to be notified about the launch date.