HealthyPi was at Maker Faire New York

A project log for Connected Health: Open source IoT patient monitor

This project describes the use of Raspberry Pi as an IoT connected vital signs monitor. The HealthyPi HAT for Raspberry Pi used.

Ashwin K WhitchurchAshwin K Whitchurch 10/11/2017 at 03:500 Comments

We had a great time showing the HealthyPi at Maker Faire New York 2017. We had a lot of useful suggestions as well as use cases for medical education. Primarily, medical educators were interested in showing students how the devices they use actually work inside. 

We had the ECG electrodes connected to copper rods so that people can try it out without having to stick electrodes. The ECG signal quality was surprising good even by holding the two rods, although respiration wasn't possible with hand-held electrodes.