Built and tested!

A project log for POV Spinner AKA Fidgetspinduino :)

A simple, cheap ($15 for 1 off), POV (persistence of vision) fidget spinner. Made with an AtTiny85, 5 LED's, and 2 CR2032 batteries.

jon-thomassonJon Thomasson 06/24/2017 at 21:450 Comments

I got my parts and boards earlier in the week, but hadn't had a chance to build and test them till today. I learned a few valuable lessons, like I learned that you need to tin the ground pad that lies under the coin cell holders, otherwise the battery won't make contact with the pad. I also had the wrong size soic footprint. I was using the skinny 3.9mm footprint when I actually needed the wide 5.3mm package. Oh well, live and learn. I already made the package changes to the latest rev in github. For now all I did was squeeze the pins closer to the ic body so that they would make contact with the footprint.

Here's what the finished board looks like:



and of course hello world seemed appropriate...