Digital Microscope: Automated Diagnosis

A Digital Microscope that can make automated diagnosis through the use of AI and a large image database.

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This project is originally based on a open-source design by the Waterscope group at the University of Cambridge. It was originally intended to serve as a tool to improve water quality in Tanzania but was uploaded online and is now finding different applications. (Picture: Bright Yellow)

In this project we will try to design a way to use the product to make automated diagnosis of one or more diseases found thorough analysing blood, sputum or urine samples. Through the use of an AI and a large image database, we will teach the computer to identify similar patterns within the microscopic images. (Concept Sketch)

Redesigning to be injection moulded. By taking a human centred design approach I will identify the requirements for diagnosis and design a product around that to make it easier.

This could have a big impact on health care in low-wage communities in Kenya & Tanzania. Improving the quality of life to many who do not have access to health care.

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