"Initial Commit"

A project log for Connected Bedroom Hackspace

A low-cost redesign of a typical apartment bedroom into a fully-functional hackerspace

fabricateioFabricate.IO 08/18/2014 at 23:320 Comments

To date, we've accomplished a great deal:

- Hackproofing the room to prevent unecessary damage

- Fully furnishing the room with almost every piece of furniture custom made

- Developing a versatile yet inexpensive set of tools for the majority of hacking needs

- Maintaining a viable storage space for large scrap materials (wood, steel)

- Keeping an organized system for past, current, and future projects

- Discovering a source of cheap wireless cameras to enable broadcast of audio and video

- Documentation of some of the furniture in the hack space

We're still working on the fun parts:

- A Twitch-style video podcast of our hacks

- An automatic time-lapse for our projects

- Full documentation of all furniture, tools, installation, and video setup