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A project log for Electronically Stabilized Monopod

Tripods are big and bulky. This monopod stays standing by itself using electronic controls, making it like a super compact tripod.

kyle-bartholomewKyle Bartholomew 06/16/2017 at 22:520 Comments

I just uploaded all the files related to this project to a Github repository. The Arduino code is simple and well commented, but the InstaSPIN code is pretty messy. So use that with caution. I'm going to put together a quick guide for setting up the InstaSPIN controller, with the adjustments necessary for this project. The documentation that comes with the InstaSPIN system is voluminous and very hard to follow.

The 3D models are also available. They're quite simple and they aren't really suitable for 3D printing, but they are there for reference. I uploaded them in the default Autodesk Inventor format, as well as in the IGES format.