Quantity   Component name
1 × Teensy 3.5 This is the microcontroller that runs the control algorithm.
1 × Invensense MPU6050 Breakout This is the angle sensor for the system.
1 × TI LaunchPad F28069M This is the motor controller logic board. It runs the InstaSPIN motor control system.
2 × TI DRV8305 Boosterpack These are the power boards for the motor controller.
2 × Turnigy Brushless Motor This is a random Turnigy motor from Hobbyking. It has a nominal rating of 200W and 900kV.
2 × Aluminum Flywheel These are attached to the motors and provide a load so the motors can apply a torque to the pendulum.
1 × Sealed Lead Acid Battery This supplies power to the system. It is 12V, 7Ah.