Augmented Reality

A project log for FEED

An immersive video experience allowing users to experience multiple POVs in real time, swapping channels through head movement.

andrewnAndrewN 07/21/2017 at 00:000 Comments

Looking at the world through a video camera has one advantage: augmented reality.  We attempted to mark and scan a blimp in order to turn it into an AR target.  We had to route our video feed through a Unity application, and things worked reasonably well, but you have to be really close to the blimp in order for the target to function.  This is still a work in progress, as we continue to think of how AR might benefit the experience.  And yes, that is a giant Vuforia target marker on the ground.  We had to print it in 40 tiles and stitch it together on the ground.  Works quite well.

We also tried slapping some paper targets on to the blimp to improve accuracy.  Unfortunately, the paper weighed too much and the blimp couldn't fly.  Poor little guy...