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device that projects a pattern by quickly moving a laser. all mechanical, 3d printed, hand powered

evan-stanfordEvan Stanford 07/10/2017 at 05:380 Comments

Since my last log entry, the project has gained mild internet fame. The best effect is that several people from around the world have added to the project. This log entry is about youtube user shy tavori's program that can be used to generate new cams from custom input paths.

Take a look at shy tavori's video explaining his program:

The program runs in 3D modeling program Rhinoceros. It uses an extension, Grasshopper, which adds block based scripting. I was not familiar with either application until shy tavori brought them to my attention. They seem like powerful applications.

I used his application to create a new set of cams- the heart shape. I made this choice because several commenters requested it and it is very recognizable. This has been the simplest shape I have created so far which has several advantages:

Custom cams can also be created with my Go application. I think shy tavori's way would be easier for the average person.

Here is the procedure I used to use shy tavori's work to create the new cams:

  1. Download/Install Rhinosourous
  2. Download/Install Grasshopper
  3. Download shy travori's grasshopper code Cams for MECHANICAL LAZER
  4. Open Rhinosourous
  5. Run command Grasshopper (opens grasshopper window)
  6. From grasshopper window, open shy tavori's .gh file
  7. Set correct laser radius (7.06)
  8. Rhinosourous -> change to front view
  9. Rhinosourous -> standard tools -> polyline
  10. Draw target shape in pink circle
  11. Grasshopper -> select far left item curve. Right click -> set one curve
  12. Select the target shape you created
  13. Grasshopper -> use slider to verify cams don't hit each other
    1. (you may have to disable the cam previews for this. To do so:
      1. select far right result -> right click -> preview)
  14. Select far right result -> right click -> bake -> ok
  15. Select newly created cams
  16. Rhinosourous -> file -> export selected
  17. Do the same for the other cam. (other far right object)

I manually added the heart emboss/deboss for identification. The resulting models can be found on my Thingiverse page.

Check out the result:

Turned out great. Thanks shy tavori!