Mr. Peepers

Undead Robotic Cyborg Duck. Real flamethrower action!

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It all starts with bath toys...

We're building a robotic duck capable of not just articulated movement, but tricked out with its own LED lighting, capacitive touch sensors, laser diode eyes, camera-based object recognition, and a flamethrower. Why, you ask? Because it's ducking awesome.

The whole thing will be wirelessly controllable via the web, so you won't need a crazy controller to join in the madness!

Also, the duck in the picture was way too small. We've since upgraded to an 8" model.

  • 1 × Arduino Pro Mini
  • 1 × Laser Diode
  • 1 × 10-LED green light bar
  • 1 × neopixel strip, 6"
  • 2 × IRL520 MOSFET For laser/spark gap control

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  • Flames and FETs

    Fabricate.IO08/18/2014 at 23:41 0 comments

    Duck Creation Team, reporting in!

    After wiring ALL of the wires, we've managed simultaneous control of our articulation servo, led light bar, neopixel lighting, touch sensing, laser beaming and quack-producing speaker using only the pro mini to drive it all. It looks a bit like this:

    We also received the 5V spark gap generator from Sparkfun and have managed to get a successful flame lit from it - video on that is coming soon.

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EK wrote 08/21/2014 at 04:31 point
Are you going to put the flamethrower in its mouth? (Looks like you did in the photo, but not in the video). Haha, quack!

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Fabricate.IO wrote 08/21/2014 at 14:47 point
That's the plan!

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OneShot Willie wrote 08/19/2014 at 02:36 point
I am simply going to ask what the duck says...

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Fabricate.IO wrote 08/19/2014 at 03:18 point
We're kind of torn between "Quack" and "DESTROY" :D

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