Project Update!

A project log for Purdue ExoMIND Glove

The ExoMIND Glove is a stroke rehabilitation device used to to generate biofeedback for physical threrapists and patients.

skuhnsskuhns 07/23/2017 at 22:190 Comments

With our impending trip to China, we've been working a lot on the prototype, and its presentation. A short list of impending updates such as:

new EMG PCB's will be here within the week.

A new sleeve that is less bulky, and won't slip

Utilization of a the central housing unit we made earlier.

Heat shrink tubing to help with wire management and cleaner aesthetics.

A small GUI made with MATLAB to better show what our project is doing in realtime.

I'll be uploading some more pictures and files soon!

We're excited for the Assistive Technologies portion of the Hackaday contests!