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A project log for Drone Fishing Rig

A custom device used to attach live bait to a drone.

AndrewNAndrewN 07/21/2017 at 19:180 Comments

Ok. So the basics are done, we have a woking prototype of the release clip. Looking at the progress so far, I have had a few revelations: The use of the outrigger clip is problematic for a few reasons. First, it's really fussy to use. Imagine trying to get a line in that clip on a rocking boat with people screaming at you, and a frantic mackerel flipping and flapping on the end of the line. It would be tough. Second, the outrigger clip is designed to let the line slide freely through the pulley. This means that there is less control in determining how far the bait will hang. And finally, there are just too many sharp angles and little bits for line to get caught up in.  Building this prototype exposed a lot of design requirements I was not initially thinking about, the exercise served it's purpose.  I needed a better solution.  I need to design my own clip from scratch.