Raspberry Pi JS Joust

16 player JS Joust and a ton of other features all running on a Raspberry Pi.

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Protect your own controller while trying to Jostle others! Joustmania is a Headless version of JS Joust that runs on a Raspberry Pi 3, up to 16 player support, 10 game modes, web interface, custom music support, and a built in convention mode! it is super easy to get setup and to start playing right away! The Repo can be found at
  • 1 × Rasperry Pi 3 B
  • 1 × 1+ Class 1 Bluetooth usb stick
  • 1 × Speaker
  • 1 × 2-16 Playstation move controllers

  • Major stability upgrade added to Joustmania.

    Aaron Angert01/15/2019 at 02:58 0 comments

    Recently there may have been some crashes when running games with 10+ players. Recently a stability update was added which should allow 18+ players to play Joustmania reliably without it crashing.

  • Updates to JoustMania

    Aaron Angert08/29/2017 at 18:29 0 comments

    A whole range of updates have been added to Joustmania. USB soundcard is no longer required. Mp3, flac, ogg and other sound types are now supported, lots of other improvements and enhancements to gameplay, functionality, and the webui!

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    Step 1

    Download and Install Raspian on the micro SD card

    Connect the bluetooth adapters

    Turn on the pi, open a Terminal and run these commands, the pi will reboot on a successful install

    git clone
    cd JoustMania
    sudo ./

    If you have the bluetooth adapters, disable the on-board bluetooth

    sudo ./

    You can now disconnect the hdmi cable and run JoustMania in headless mode. JoustMania will automatically boot up on restart.

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