• The design process (part 1)

    Stjerne06/21/2017 at 21:36 0 comments

    The original Makeup Organizer was way different from the final result, the GoLovely. Well, even the name changed drastically. We will discuss that process in another post.

    The original intention was to create a portable organizer that could be manufactured with fairly standard CNC processes and aiming at efficiency. There was a lot of research on different types of makeup, accessories, and steps when putting on makeup.

    The product was developed and ready for production rather quickly and that left a kind of "vacuum". There was all this research information and hard work that was already put to use, but it felt like we could still do more with it. Push it further.

    We will discuss in detail the design and its components. Right now I only want to focus on the modules.

    Making each individual makeup module flat was a requirement from the very beginning, as we did not want to limit users in the way they arrange them. The base tray is the best way to organize them,but if you have seen makeup stations, you'll know things move around all the time.

    Next time we'll talk a little more in detail about the base!

  • The evolution of an idea

    Stjerne06/20/2017 at 00:31 0 comments

    GoLovely is the evolution of a Makeup Organizer that was developed at the DesignLab. The original concept is one solid piece of bambo. But as the original product was being developed, the idea took life of its own and it evolved to a much richer and versatile concept:

    A Modular Organization System that can be arranged based on individual needs.

    Most of the information regarding the tools of the trade (brushes, lipsticks, gloss! :D ) was already there, and that made its development much, much faster. We got invaluable insights from our female colleagues at the DesignLab, who commented about what's useful, what's trendy, and very importantly, what women think about makeup. And it is a big industry, that I can tell you.

    Thank you for reading!