Rough Design of Frontend

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3-8S Standalone BMS Desing. Open Source Software/Hardware

ben-brownBen Brown 06/18/2017 at 07:160 Comments

The rough design pass of the front end has been completed.

This is mostly based on my previous breakout board for this IC, which was just a transfer of the EVM with only single path mode supported. Also pre-charge support is dropped due to size constraints.

This design adds support for all 8 cell inputs on the IC, and converts the balancing connection to a 2x5 0.1" header block. This was done mostly as JST XH connectors take up a lot of room, and this allows for an IDC connector to be used if desired.

The Power In/Out connectors are using large wire holes, with a spacing to allow an XT60 to also be soldered on if desired. I would recommend a 12 AWG breakout cable be used to reduce the stress on the PCB during plug/unplug events.

A small 2.0mm pitch header is used to provide a mount for the GUI board (Yet to be designed), and M3 mounting holes round out the design.