New PCBs! (New display + power hub)

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ben-brownBen Brown 08/16/2017 at 10:320 Comments

The awesome free PCBs from Elecrow arrived this morning. Around 2 weeks for the delivery (to Australia). Which is the same or faster than OSHPark. I ordered 5 each of the new display board (In black soldermask) and the XT30 hub (In yellow). I recieved 7 of each, which was a nice surprise :)

I will be doing a small review video on the board quality as part of the deal for the free pcbs. However initially I am very, very impressed with the quality. I was expecting a lot worse for the money ($5 USD per set). However they are really quite good. Not the amazing gold of oshpark, but overkill for almost all of my projects. All the traces looked good with no copper issues. The solder mask on the yellow is really nice. Its more of a mustard yellow or burnt gold. Sort of a pity its not just a little bit brighter to match the XT60 plugs. Nothing on these boards would have pushed the technology at all, but they did turn out well.

Only slight issue is the black solder mask flakes of a little bit easily. (A little bit visible in the last image, after soldering). But I do also use a rather scratchy soldering iron tip.

Now its just waiting for the LCD to turn up and alot of code to write :)