I'm really trying to go for broke here and design the meter to accept any USB configuration:

  • Fully USB type-C connection compliant; it has full routing of all the data lines, and it is transparent - i.e. it just acts like a wire, not blocking or distorting any data transmission.
  • One plug and one socket, so can be put in-line with any type-C connection
  • Compatible with all power specs, including PD, up to 5A and 20V
  • Accumulates up to 500Ah and up to 5000Wh of power on the display
  • Can run for days without overflowing, i.e. great for long-charging batteries
  • Did I mention it is bidirectional? It has little arrows saying which direction the current flows in.
  • 5-digit readout with effective 18-bit precision (measured precision better than 1mV and less than 0.5mA!)
  • 1% accuracy over the entire range