Launching with One or Two Devices?

A project log for FarmBot - Open-Source CNC Farming

FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.

Rory AronsonRory Aronson 06/01/2016 at 23:050 Comments

For a while now we’ve been planning to launch on Kickstarter with two versions of FarmBot Genesis: a “standard” sized device measuring 1.5m wide, 3m long, and 0.75m tall; and an “XL” device measuring 3m wide, 6m long, and 1m tall. In fact, the most recent version of the hardware prototypes (V0.9) have been designed with larger plates and extrusions, and more V-wheels to help strengthen and stiffen the tracks, gantry, cross-slide, and z-axis for the larger sized form factor. The design intention is that one set of hardware components could be used to build either sized device, or any size in between – a scalable FarmBot. The only modifications would be the need for longer cabling, tubing, and belts; and extra extrusions and plates for the larger capacity.

However, even with the latest prototypes, we have decided that we would rather launch with just one sized device – the “standard” sized FarmBot Genesis. Here are our reasons: