FarmBot Genesis V3

A project log for FarmBot - Open-Source CNC Farming

FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.

Rory AronsonRory Aronson 08/19/2014 at 01:100 Comments

FarmBot Genesis V3 exhibits the following changes from Genesis V2:



The tracks brackets of Genesis V3 are slightly smaller than those of V2. The are generally the same design though.

Issues and Proposed Solutions:


The Track/Gantry plates are slightly modified from V2 to re-position the endstops so that they can be clicked by screws and teenuts rather than small plates.

Issues and Proposed Solutions:



The Genesis V2 cross-slide was composed of three plates sandwiching all of the other components together. This was difficult to assemble and added little strength to the cross-slide. The V3 cross-slide has been simplified to a single plate with all components attached to it, making assembly much easier. There have also been extra slots added for cables to be cleanly routed through the plate and avoid all moving components.

Issues and Proposed Solutions


20140711 152405.jpg

The Z-axis motor mount has remained the same since V2.

Issues and Proposed Solutions

Universal Tool Mount

20140711 152307.jpg

The V3 Universal Tool mount has been vertically flipped so that the solenoid locker is on the right side and the tool is inserted on the left side. This allows for the tool to be more aligned with the z-axis leadscrew so that there is minimized induced torque from the tool's weight. The tool mount has also been optimized for printing with a 3D printer. It no longer has any overhanging edges, and no support materials is required. Lastly, the electrical contact screws have been decreased in size to 3mm to allow for more clearance between themselves.

Issues and Proposed Solutions


Cable Management

The trolley and wire system is a good concept, but it is best suited to larger scale installations. It should not be used along the gantry though in any circumstances as the cables will get in the way of the plants when hanging. For smaller systems such as FarmBot Genesis, a cable carrier system will be more attractive and function better for both along the gantry and the tracks. This will likely add cost, but would likely increase reliability.

The cable and trolley systems of Genesis V3

3D CAD Files

FarmBot Genesis V3 was designed natively in SolidWorks 2014. Using SolidWorks 2014 or a newer version will provide the most seamless experience if you are interested in viewing or modifying the 3D part files. For those without access to SolidWorks, we have converted the files to other commonly used file formats.

Files can be downloaded here.