Pill Bottle ISP Programmer

This is a quick hack - an ISP programmer from scrap parts.

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I'm going to start playing with ATTiny processors so I need an ISP programmer. As I'm cheap I was originally going to just breadboard the "Arduino as ISP", then I remembered I had a scrap Arduino Nano with a blown 5V regulator. As the programmer will always be on USB by definition, this would do for a more permanent solution.
After building it based on the tutorials with one slight modification (there is a jumper on the RST cap so it can be disconnected for programming) I realized it would be a bit fragile for repeated use with all the little wires.
That's when I spotted that the little 3cmx7cm board I used fits almost perfectly in an empty pill bottle.
I have lots of these proto-boards and they are almost free (from Banggood - the silkscreen is wrong on one side - the A-X should be X-A on the back), so now I'm thinking what other Nano/Micro projects I can fit in this packaging.
I used a 22uF cap for the reset not 10uF, as that's the closest I c

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