POV Fidget Spinner

This is the obvious next step to the Fidget Spinner, and the last project involving one. I promise.

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I'm sure a lot of us have seen persistence of vision displays before. As I kid I even had an "iTop" which was a top that would spin and write different metrics of the top while it spun. I decided to build this into the latest fad, the fidget spinner.

This was a natural course of the way the Fidget Spinner was going. So I had to do it.

8 LEDs run by a shift register, SAMD21 MCu, hall Latches, magnets, whats not to love?

Has a bunch of fun displays like RPM, number of spins, words, all can be reprogrammed in Arduino IDE.

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Ricardo Ferro wrote 4 days ago point

if you actually sell this, you will easily become a millionaire 

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ischainmail wrote 5 days ago point

This is great, just began my own POV spinner after seeing one my niece had which lit up. Was hoping someone had done a similar project. Looks like it works a charm!

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