Ported to Windows Command line

A project log for Screen Capture Utility for Tektronix THS720 Scopes

A screen capture tool for Tektronix THS720 Oscilloscopes

BharbourBharbour 08/27/2017 at 19:260 Comments

I was using my scope at a contract gig, and needed to store some screen shots. There were no Linux boxes to be had, so next weekend at home, I ported the code to be built in a MINGW/Msys tool chain. The code has been tested and works on a Windows 7 box and a Windows 8 box.

One thing to note, the Windows 7 box was assigning crazy high COMx: numbers like COM17: and COM18: to my USB to serial converter. The MSYS file open function would not tolerate com ports that high and errored out. I found a com port number 2 that had not been assigned already, and edited the COM port name in the Device Mangler. The problem went away. I don't know what the top com port that the MSYS will tolerate, but it is definitely less than 17. I suspect it is 4, but that is untested.

If you are using a com port other than COM1: (the default), add the command line option   -d COMx:   where x is the com port number for your serial port device.

The source code is here for the windows version, and since it is not customary to offer Windows programs as source code, I included the .exe file.