No Updates in a Long Time Because ... Life Happens

A project log for smoothieware-powered 6040 CNC Mill

Run a 6040 engraver/mill with an SKR controller running smoothieware, and get rid of the clunky old Windows PC and parallel port.

darryldar.ryl 10/03/2020 at 02:460 Comments

April 2020 I was working like a maniac juggling 3 embedded consulting gigs. Then COVID-19 hit, and I could no longer network for new gigs. Was looking forward to using the down time to work on my HaD and other projects, but in May, I went to see a doctor about a lump in my neck that I'd had since December, which turned out to kidding.....throat cancer. 

Took them 2 more months to reach a conclusive diagnosis, and then I went through the horrible 7-week treatment that ran late July through early September.  Weekly 6-hour chemo and radiation 5 days a week.  Couldn't eat, lost 50 pounds, survived on vanilla Boost and bottled water, supplemented with IV fluids at the chemo clinic.  I just started back on solid food a couple of weeks ago, but due to the radiation, everything tastes bland and I don't have much saliva, so not very enjoyable.  

On a more positive note, another consulting opportunity materialized, about the time treatment ended. It's full time and runs through December.  Right now it's about all I can do to just to work my gig and get by.  

I'm selling my house and moving out of state next April, and will be living full time in an RV for at least a year after that.  There's a ton of work to do over the next 6 months to get the house ready to sell, move 2000 miles across the country, and transition to living in the RV.  Everything I own except clothes and basics will be going into a large metal shipping container that will be co-located with the RV.  Once I get situated, I hope to set up a makeshift work area inside the container. This project probably won't be updated until then.