Z Limit Optical Detectors Installed

A project log for smoothieware-powered 6040 CNC Mill

Run a 6040 engraver/mill with an SKR controller running smoothieware, and get rid of the clunky old Windows PC and parallel port.

darryldar.ryl 07/07/2017 at 00:280 Comments

Here's a video of the Z axis lower limit optical detector in operation. Upper is similar. On the lower, I had to swap the 3-pin connector to the outside, else the router base plate would hit it on the way down.

I made the interrupters from 3/4 x 3/4 x 0.06 aluminum angle with some careful bandsawing (14 TPI blade) and hand filing. Yeah, the slot is crooked, sorry. I center punched, but the wimpy carbon steel 1/8" bit still walked around on me. Ugly but fully functional. I really need to order some machinist-quality drills, all I've got is Home Depot Ryobi junk.

Z axis optical interrupter.

Locating the interrupter for the Z axis upper limit detector.

Some commentary on the taps.... The M3 x 0.5 taps arrived late yesterday. Matching set of 3 - plug, taper, and bottom. Comments on suggest that Irwin quality isn't all that hot, but the package says "Made in USA" and these didn't break off under normal careful usage, unlike the cheapo $40 Chinese set.

Also got a pretty nice ratcheting tap wrench with knurled grips, since the wrench in the cheapo tap set wouldn't fully tighten on the smaller diameter taps. :-( However, because you have to go in and out when cutting, the ratchet feature is more annoying than useful. Might be convenient when backing the tap out.