A project log for smoothieware-powered 6040 CNC Mill

Run a 6040 engraver/mill with an SKR controller running smoothieware, and get rid of the clunky old Windows PC and parallel port.

darryldar.ryl 08/03/2017 at 21:210 Comments

Just a quick log entry to say 'no progress', sorry!

Spent last week attending Longmont Startup Week. Did lots of networking for my engineering services company,

LSW17 brings together entrepreneurs, wanna-preneurs, intrapreneurs, creatives, techies, inventors, business owners, and investors of all ages to connect and inspire.  Over the course of five days, multiple networking events, panels, fireside chats, and guest speakers will be hosted at unique venues throughout Longmont, showcasing Longmont’s entrepreneurs in advanced technology, I.T., bioscience, creative arts, culinary, and more.  All events are FREE to attend and provide outstanding learning and networking opportunities.