Fire up your loud

A project log for Soundhive - V2.0

SoundHive is a low cost, open source, modular audio amplifier

machinehum-ryan-walkerMachinehum (Ryan Walker) 07/25/2017 at 18:530 Comments

Finally got around to testing the boards today. I had an old broken guitar amp lying around, after robbing the speaker from it + a couple of bodge wires it was finally time to see what this suckers made of.

On a 12V supply (this guy can go to 24V), both gain jumpers removed (max gain) and the phone on 25% volume it was so loud that I'm confident the neighbors would be pissed if it was left on for more then 5 minuets. At 50% volume my ears hurt and speaker started vibrating on the desk as they're not secured.

Really stoked on this project right now, hopefully will be getting more time to work on it.

Next on the roadmap (Chronological):

1. Powerboard, this is the board that will have the 2.1mm jack to power the system using a wallwort. It will also be equipped with an XT60 connector + proper lipo cutoff circuitry, this will allow the user to power the system using cheap RC lipo cells (4-6 cell) who's bringing theirs to the beach?

2. AUX breakout, this is just a board with a simple auxiliary jack that will allow the user to use a 1.5mm aux cable.

3. Mechanical enclosure (3D printed)

4. LED board, bright raving shining LEDS for partytime

5. Bluetooth, module for streaming music

PS: I'm current looking for mechanical engineers that would be interested in designing the enclosure. I have a 3D printer that should work fine for our purposes. CAD software would be something opensource.