Hackaday Prize Finals

A project log for MappyDot

Micro Smart LiDAR Sensor

BleckyBlecky 10/22/2017 at 04:240 Comments

Wow, that was truly unexpected, the competition year on year has been harder and harder with some super polished and awesome projects out there. The Hackaday prizes are always a rollercoaster ride of emotions and they require so much work to meet the prize guidelines, so it's always a shame to see some really awesome projects not make it through. Don't lose focus though, keep going and get them out to the world!

It's been an awesome journey this past year for MappyDot. The biggest challenge has been actually getting to the point where there is a tangible thing people can actually purchase and use. That has honestly been the most rewarding part of all of this with some good feedback coming in.

A big thank you must go out to everyone that has supported the project so far as well as the judges!

There's a crazy couple of weeks ahead while preparations are made for Makerfaire Adelaide, but soon after that there will be a few announcements about upcoming developments.

On a final note, here's our video for the finals (apologies for the marketingish approach, the video was in the works for the Tindie store and Makerfaire and the deadline for finals after the Anything Goes announcement was really tight):