Adelaide Maker Faire

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Micro Smart LiDAR Sensor

BleckyBlecky 11/07/2017 at 11:540 Comments

What a crazy weekend. I was in Adelaide for Maker Faire with a MappyDot stall:

I met up with the awesome Mick from MickMakes. He's a really nice fellow and also grabbed me a coffee when I was looking visibly withdrawn from caffeine. I also briefly caught up with the guys from Core Electronics and we each showed off some kit.

Getting to Adelaide from Melbourne was the first hurdle. Just a short 727km drive gets you there in about 9 hrs with a short break:

The day itself was just as full on. Without stopping to eat, 4pm came around so quickly when they rung the bell for the end of the day. I would have loved to get around and see all the makers, but the kids wanted to play with the Mappyano and annoy the owners of the knitting stall next door, with repetitive renditions of chopsticks.

The Tindie guys also sent some swag to give out, unfortunately it just didn't arrive in time for the Sunday. However I now have a perfectly fitting Tindie shirt which I will parade about Melbourne.

Also congratulations to Anthony from South Australia for winning the MappyDot prize draw. Your MappyDot is on the way to you in the mail.

I will totally do it again next time!