What did I have until a few weeks:

A project log for CERVOMEC Brewing System

A brewing platform that turns malt, hops and water into fermentable wort. Yeast takes care of the rest and then we have beer!

renatomsteinerrenatomsteiner 08/19/2014 at 02:570 Comments

* Automated brewing system based on a classical HERMS setup

* Same water vessel heats mashing wort and chills boiled wort

* Serial connection CLI (Arduino IDE)

* Still requiring some minor interferences along the process:
  - Hop additions
  - Fermentor hose connection

This setup works but I'm unsatisfied with heat exchange efficiency, so I am moving forward to a new setup.

I started writing a Processing GUI but quickly got frustrated because I was stuck in the server machine by the serial connection. My goal here is to have a network accessible GUI so I can access it through other networked devices.