Forward pointing and upward pointing cameras running at the same time.

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An open source robot to inspect under vehicles, crawl spaces and any other dark dirty space you need to take a look at.

DennisDennis 07/24/2017 at 01:180 Comments

Here’s a short python program to test if both cameras can be operated at once.  The program sets up and starts both the low definition forward pointing USB camera and the high definition Raspberry PI V2 upward pointing camera.  The program uses a “MOUSEBUTTONDOWN” event to tell the program to switch the display between the cameras.

Below is an image of the program displaying the forward pointing camera from underneath a vehicle.

After clicking on the image, the display switched to the upward pointing camera.  I will need to add lighting LEDs to get better upward pointing images and also forward pointing LEDs for driving around in crawl spaces.

After clicking the image several times, the image switches back and forth between cameras without a problem.  The good news is it works! :) The bad news is I have an oil leak. :(