Irrigate7 - m1284p Board for Holding Solenoids

With ATmega1284p Control Seven Holding Solenoids, Measure Rotation Events from a Flow Meter and Four Current Loop Sensors.

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This ATmega1284p based controller board has seven half H-bridge and a common half H-bride to control seven Latching (or Holding) Solenoids, a Capture input for timing pulse events (e.g. turbine rotation of a flow meter), and four Analog inputs with current sources to control and measure loop sensors (e.g. pressure, temperature...). Power with 7 thru 36V DC.

It is similar to the RPUno but has integrated K7 (which is a scaled up K3). It's MCU is connected to headers that work with the RPUpi, or RPUadpt shields.

  • ^5 Replace RPUno^9 in Garden

    ronald.sutherland01/23/2019 at 07:45 0 comments

    The old setup had a K3 board and an RPUno.


    Replaced with Irrigate7 which has four unused drivers in this setup. K1 moved to K7, K2 moved to K6, and K3 moved to K5.

    Irrigate7^5 RPUadpt^5 and Valves

    The valves have been operated for about two years with previous versions of K3 and RPUno, they were set and reset ten times each day so that is over 3500 operations each. The coil resistance is about 4.7 Ohm and they are driven through a CAT5 pair that is less than 4 meters (e.g. 0.19*4 Ohm). They are operating with a pulse voltage of 24VDC from a 2200uF capacitor, so the peak current has been near 3.75A, that is higher than I would like but has been working.

    The Irrigate7^5_log will be updated as testing continues.

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