Multi X-Y is a plotter platform to use as Wire cutter / Embosser or Laser Engraver / Cutter

It is a Stand Alone unit build as Frame over Frame, controlled by compatible into RAMPS Arduino controller. The Controller works on slightly modified Marlin Firmware witch I've adapted to be compatible with a 2D Plotting platform

Main goal in developing it was stability and precision. So that cutting in soft polyester foam wouldn't be a big challenge and wire didn't need to be strongly stretched, or very hot.

Cutting/embossing in much denser material requires a strong tension on wire and fixing points to be close to material, most of typical constructions can't allow too much tension between main pillars ( Y axis ), the same is with simple spring tensioning.

What is Embossing?

I've called it that way because when material is dense and hot wire melting it around passing in it, it push some of material outside the flat surface. Creating a bulge, it becomes even more interesting when use this method on clear acrylic Plexiglas.

Distortion created by passing wire in acrylic is visible, but when you pump some light inside acrylic from side edge the light rays became taped in the same way they were taped in fibre-optic cable. Bouncing from clear plane edge, to moment when most of them finds the distorted material, light rays bounce from it in greater angle and them living the Plexiglas.

Having an X-Y platform was logical to develop a laser TTL controlled head to be quickly turned into laser engraver or cutter.

3 Watt 450nm TTL controlled Head is enough to engrave in wood / plastic materials.

laser calibration... normally laser ray is stopped on second axis ( not leaving frame ) but safety goggles are essential !

But I realized even a best construction is unusable without a software which allows and assists users to design own projects. I started developing the software for my personal use, as most of the software available wasn't free, has limited capabilities or just not precision enough.

I'm started developing my own CNC CAD / CAM software.

Last experiments with cutting in sponge.

And there some quick overview