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Very tiny DC motor driver controlled by ATmega328 and its operation is sensored by "Time-of-Flight" IR-Laser sensor

kodera2tkodera2t 06/25/2017 at 13:360 Comments
    1. Why don't you use WiFi or Bluetooth? They are already prevailed everywhere?

      Controlling something immediately (in emergency), can you switch on (wake up from sleep) smartphone or computer in less than 0.1 sec while connection establish and launch application? YES you can raise your hand less than 0.1 sec (even several seconds, still your movement will be faster than clever smartphones. Also, frequency is not infinite resources. Highly congestion easily breaks stable communication, but you can raise your hand even in thousands crowd.
    2. Why you play with toy? Are you child?

      YES, I am surely still child and needs to learn lots. The implementation in train toy is just a "proof of concept" and not final objective (of course, if model train is controlled smoothly, I am very happy though.)

    3. Gesture control is already well established. Why re-inventing wheel?

      YES and NO. Commercial-level technology is indeed sophisticated but when we just enjoy technology as a user, it is just "joy" and we will learn nothing. As everyone in hackaday knows how it is difficult to invent something new but for producing something new, we have to know what is possible and what is impossible. Even if ToF device is well known in your company or community or your office, at least I did not know how it works. By making, and also only by making, I believe, we can get knowledge through real experience. Actually, at hackaday, I am trying to share my experience of getting new knowledge and if this share will help your incubation of something new, it is enough.