Now two ToF sensors on board

A project log for Very tiny Motor driver with Time-of-Flight sensor

Very tiny DC motor driver controlled by ATmega328 and its operation is sensored by "Time-of-Flight" IR-Laser sensor

kodera2tkodera2t 07/06/2017 at 12:000 Comments

Now two ToF sensors are on board!

General I2S device has some selectable address but the ToF sensor, VL53L0X has a fixed address (non-switchable). Instead, it has "shutdown" pin and we can use it as if CS of SPI. In this board, two shutdown pins (low-active) are connected to D4 and D5 of ATmega328p.

The white line on PCB is a cutting line and we can detach two sensor parts and connect with jumper or flat cable to main board. Of course, still motor driver DRV8830 is on-board!

Sample code to drive two ToF sensors are uploaded in the file area of this project. Actual operation can be found in the following youtube movie,, have fun!