The first successful tests

A project log for Flying Sniffer

Sensors mounted on a drone connected to a robust data infrastructure, for pollution monitoring, wild fire prevention and CBRN defense.

Radu MotisanRadu Motisan 10/19/2017 at 18:530 Comments

As presented in an earlier log, I reused some of my previous PCBs designed for the portable environmental monitor, Hackaday Prize Finalist in 2015. These boards were excellent for airborne applications as they were battery powered, small, low weight, had many sensors and also an SDCARD and a GPS receiver onboard. So with a few modifications, I changed the Wifi module to a serial Radio transceiver to send data to the ground station. Here's the result:

And the bottom side:

After getting the drone to fly, I had everything in place for the Flying Sniffer to do its job. Here's a demo video with the first results:

Check out the REPO at Github for more details if needed.